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State of Hawaii - Past Governor Linda Lingle and Past Lt. Governor Duke Aiona


Pam Quade of Quade Graphiqs has been a tremendous asset to us in supporting the web enterprise of the State of Hawaii. Pam not only possesses state-of-the-art technical and design skills, she is a true professional and confident communicator. Pam directed the graphical design and build-out of several official state websites, most critically the inaugural site for the new Governor of the State of Hawaii. The Governor wanted a completely new look and feel for the site and Pam created the design and functionality in close consultation with the communications team in the Governor’s office. They were very complimentary of her skill and responsiveness through innumerable revisions. I highly recommend Quade Graphiqs to anyone seeking a talented, knowledgeable, and dependable web designer.

Dan Morrison • President
Hawaii Information Consortium, Inc,
Internet portal partner with the Aloha State